Meet the Team

Owner/Director: Mary Jo Ogden

Mary Jo has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Boise State University.  During the last twenty-five years she has worked with children both in the public schools and with her church, with the additional experience of working and managing a few offices in the Boise area.  She assists Kate & Suszette in classroom activities in addition to managing the operations of the school.  Mary Jo is a wife and mother of four children and has lived in Boise her whole life. 

     Owner/Teacher: Kate McFarland

Kate has been an educator for almost 20 years.  She has taught in public elementary schools, non profits, church and collegiate settings. Most recently, she taught in the Boise School District teaching early reading skills with emphasis on phonemic awareness and phonics. Kate has a bachelor's Degree in Community Health Education from Brigham Young University.  She is a wife and mother of three children. When not in the classroom, Kate enjoys being in the mountains with her family or sitting poolside watching her kids compete. Kate currently teaches our Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning and our Tuesday/Thursday Morning Class.  

Owner/Teacher: Suszette Rockwood

Suszette has degrees in Special Education and Family/Human Development from Utah State University. She has taught reading, writing, and math to elementary students in grades K-5, for school districts in Utah, Texas, and Idaho. Suszette has also spent several years working with younger children ages 3-5 as a teacher at her church. She and her husband have three children who are active in various sports and dance. She loves being with her family, enjoys the outdoors, and is passionate about helping children learn in a positive and caring environment. Suszette has lived in Boise since 2002.  Suszette currently teaches our Monday/Wednesday/Friday Afternoon Class.

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