A few important policies are listed here.  A comprehensive list of our policies can be found on our Enrollment Forms

Mixed Ages:  All our classes include a mix of children between the ages of 3-5.  We believe that preschoolers can benefit greatly from being in an environment where they can interact with children of different ages.  Younger children benefit from watching older children model problem-solving, conflict resolution and more developed academic skills.  Older children benefit from having the opportunity to develop leadership skills and pro-social behaviors.  We manage our enrollment to make sure we have a balanced mix of ages in each class.

Discipline Policy: Our goal is to have a classroom where only positive discipline is found. We firmly believe that children (and all people, for that matter) do better when they feel better. Attention will be given to positive behavior and firm, but gentle correction will be given for negative behavior. We believe that many problems can be corrected quickly by describing the misbehavior and then explaining the expected, positive behavior. If a child is seriously disrupting the group or is attempting to hurt himself/herself or another child, that child will be removed from the situation and taken to a quiet place (in our sight) where he/she can calm down and regroup.

Immunization Policy: Idaho State Law requires all child care facilities to maintain up to date immunization records for each child.  Records for your child must be provided by the first day of preschool.  All enrolled children must be current with all immunizations pursuant to the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare schedule.  Any child who has not received a scheduled immunization may not be enrolled.

Holidays/Days Off:  Classes will begin the day after Labor Day and conclude prior to Memorial Day.  Other than that, we follow the Boise School District schedule for breaks and vacations, including snow days.  Classes will not be shortened due to early release days.  Tuition will not vary due to the number of school days, holidays or voluntary absences within the particular month.

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